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Interior Design

Interior Design

Now this is quite a lot of homeowners who want to change the interior design of their homes in the hope of providing an atmosphere that is more fresh, unique, and fun. If you include people who want to change the interior of your home, here are some of the style guide that you can try to apply in a dwelling owned.

Bohemian style

In general, the style bohemian style Gypsies adopt free and tend individualist. You can combine several bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and magenta for the furniture in the living room. As for the furniture in the bedroom can be combined between peach, yellow, the color shade to evoke comfort in the rest.

Coastal style

As the name implies, emphasizes the coastal style furnishings and color selection adapted to marine atmosphere. Coastal style generally dominated by light blue, white, peach, and light brown. That seemed more lively and cool, you can add accessories that are shaped like starfish, clams, and other stylish accessories beach.Jasa Renovasi Rumah

minimalist style

In keeping with the name, minimalist theme emphasizes the arrangement of furniture which is too minimalist and simple. Until now, there are many homeowners who liked the minimalist theme, because the theme of this gives the effect of a more spacious room and clean. Renovasi Rumah Minimalist theme also gives time for homeowners to clean and care for the furniture more carefully. The minimalist style is generally formed with furniture made of stainless-steel and wood.

Industrial style

Industrial style is very suitable to be applied to homes located in rural and suburban areaa. Jasa bangun Rumah This style is generally made using a model high ceilings and walls made of piles of red brick (without cement) and stone. For furniture, interior design style of this one generally wear interior wood, rattan, scrap tire rubber, stone, or marble. Thus, the air temperature in the room stays warm even though the weather outside was cold, bangun rumah.

contemporary style

The concept of contemporary style can be worn by people who love modern temaa. The colors used for this style are generally dominated by the color silver, silver, white, or brown. As for contemporary style furniture, you can choose a sofa, dining table and kitchen set that can be combined with crystal chandeliers and lanterns unique.

Moroccan style

Similar to the bohemian style, the Moroccan style emphasizes the selection of bright colors and soft texture. For this style, you can combine custom sofa with crystal chandeliers pad living room area. Meanwhile, for the bed space to sleep, you can decorate with bed sheets and bed cover along colorful wool carpet or soft carpet.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavia-inspired theme of Swedes are generally prioritize the selection of soft and bright colors such as white, silver, green, and yellow to give the impression of a warm and cheerful. These colors can be obtained from furniture made of wood and glass components. However, to create this style, you should consider the selection of light to maximize the lighting at night.


Vintage theme associated with a unique theme and classic. This theme is generally saw it by adding furniture made from materials of the past. However, if you can not hunt for antiques too often, there is a craft you can learn to make furniture that semulaa impress turned into vintage furniture. Is called decoupage art and this art can apply on the glasses, dishes, bed linen, and furniture to give the impression of a vintage in every corner.


Indirectly eclectic style reflects the personality of the homeowner who dared expression by combining the colors are generally not suitable if combined. For the eclectic style, you can always combine dark and light colors for all furniture. You are also free to combine materials in furniture made of glass ceramics, wood mauppun metal to be put in every corner of the house. Hopefully the discussion above may give inspiration to you about interior design that is suitable for occupancy dream.

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