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The house has a function as a place to stay. The house was used as a residence, shelter and a place to rest so the house should be made as comfortable as possible and as beautiful as possible. The house also should be comfortable and decent to live. These days many houses are built in a narrow area or with minimalist modern home design. Noting the interior and exterior of the house is very important for the comfort of the occupants.

home design

Design houses now are many and varied, one desain interior rumah. Modern home design more and more made for residential houses in minimalism. Modern home design is very suitable for housing with a minimalist design in this day and age. This minimalist house using modern and practical design. In addition it uses a variety of new innovative designs. Any modern home can also be modified into a modern design.

For those of you who also want to make your home with a modern design and luxury, the following will be reviewed on the idea of modern luxury home design. Below is beberpa ideas that you can try:

Fencing and exterior design fancy

Fences and also the exterior front of the house can no modifications to create the impression of a modern and luxurious. Fences and front view of the house into a home personality for this room representing a house. Fence or front view of the house is the first thing seen by people towards our house. For a luxurious feel you could use a fence in silver or gold and iron design with vitorian. In addition, you can create a small garden or decorate with plants or palm leaves are sweet.

Family room design for modern luxury home design

The family room is the most important room of a house. The family room is the room where family members get together and chat. To get a feel of modern design that you can add some existing entertainment furniture, and for the impression of luxury, classic and elegant. This family room must be comfortable and tidy. Fancy decoration that you can add them carpet color elegant and luxurious design, in addition you can also add a sofa with a classic design and colors match the carpet. For decoration you can add paintings or family photo to add elegance to your room. To add additional decorations you can add decorative lights or flower pots and ceramics.

Living room design and modern luxury.

To design a modern and luxurious living room, you can use fancy colors like black, gold, white or silver. In addition to using paints with the colors you can also add furniture with classic and elegant color. To add to the d├ęcor you can add decorative lamps, hanging lamps, ceramics and flowers in pots.

The main room design modern luxury home

To design a luxurious modern rooms very easy, simply add the furniture that looks luxurious. Such a model with a canopy bed and a roof as well by adding a pretty light sleeper and modern. As well as adding a carpet can also give the impression of luxury.

So a few tips and how to make the house into a modern design and luxury, for those of you who want to create the impression of luxury in your home, decorating ideas above you can try. Hopefully this article helpful.