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These days more internet marketers use PLR Articles for content only Not a bad idea at all. It is much easy to use something that has already been written rather than starting completely from scratch.

But they have many other uses that most people do not realize do not think about or just plain don’t know about. And this is exactly what I want to talk about in this article. I am sure you’ll walk away from this with so many new ways to cash in online.
So let’s get to it.

Private label rights articles are simply content in either plain text or sometimes word doc format. Being in such raw format, they can be molded into other products.
PLR Articles could easily be turned into email messages. Simply copy and paste them into your favorite autoresponder services and you have email marketing on automatic. Does it get much easier? And we know that we must keep in contact with our subscribers if you hope to keep or improve our open and read rates.

You could also combine them together into a report that could be used as a give away to build yourself a email list in the first place. Call it a bribe to get that all important email address. Or post these new reports on document sharing sites to drive more traffic to your own websites.

Or combine more of them and easily create your own ebook, which would be something no one else has, it would be your exclusive. This could help you get higher prices when you sell it because it can only be gotten from one person, that being you.

You could also read plr articles with a computer microphone and create your own audio files. Who doesn’t have a device that plays MP3 files these days? Most everyone. From smart phones to tablets, you’ll have plenty of potential customers for this format.

They could also be used to create video’s. It could be a simple as coping and pasting the each article into power point slide and then turning that into the video. Here again you would have something no one else has, something that no one else is selling. Puts you in a prime position to profit big on the net.

These same videos, created from inexpensive plr articles, could be used as teaching material for sites such udemy and other related sites. Guess you could call them courses or lessons.
These are just a few of the ways you could profit from plr articles. I’ve run out of time and space, so I’ll have to give you more the next time we speak.

I hope you’ve gained some powerful ideas about how to use these seemly simple product to generate income. It is not up to you to take massive action and to get started today. No more saying you’ll do it tomorrow. If you do wait, there is a good chance someone else will beat you to the pile of gold.