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Bags are right up there with accessories these days, together with watches and straps. The market for bags for guys is growing with leaps and bounds, demonstrating the climbing demand for totes among guys. Bags are not a girly accessory anymore. Men are increasingly taking bags today rather than stuffing their pockets ถุงผ้า.

A vital bag for a regular traveller, the duffel bag is great for a weekend excursion as an alternate to a bag. There is only enough room to pack your clothing and essentials and remains small enough to be eligible as hand-baggage. It is one of these must get bags for each guy.

This is good for people who are tired of backpacks nevertheless are not entirely sold on men’s bags. A messenger bag is a guy’s equal to a cross-body tote, and is great for everyday use. Designers are coming up with unique twists to the traditional messenger bag layout, by a yarn body to leather straps, and also with older fashions equipping themselves every now and then, messenger bags for guys won’t ever be out of vogue, given its size and functionality.


Many guys still take a briefcase to function, such is your lasting style and performance of it. The layout, however, has gone through several changes through recent years. Contemporary day briefcases seem more like a messenger bag as opposed to a classic box-like case. A briefcase is indicated with its spaciousness in addition to the simplicity to take it to office daily, and many briefcases now do the job flawlessly. In a few of these briefcases, you may even match your notebook very easily without needing to carry it individually. Pick a distressed leather end to give a cool elegance to your appearance.


Though it’s often known as the student purse, a backpack is more practical to everybody, especially those who go travelling, hiking, or camping. Now’s backpacks for men are made from fine leather, and come in various colors and designs which make them appropriate for many casual event. Leather backpacks are bright and smart, and match each appearance, from office wear to casuals.

Now’s gym bags come in a really different design which makes it difficult to comprehend it as a gym bag. They’re quite much like messenger bags or even a duffel bag, and may likewise be used even when a person is not led into the gym. Gym bags are functional and spacious, cotton or nylon gym bags in strong colors are fit for both the gym and outdoors