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We’ve both been checked out and the one issue is that, though my husband has a large number of sperm, only six percent were classed as wholesome. He doesn’t smoke or take medication but sometimes binge-drinks-downing ten to 15 pints at 1 night. He occasionally also binges on bread, snacks and crisps and can be a significant tea and coffee drinker. What do you counsel how to increase sperm volume?


That is something I hear about quite frequently, but always in girls. Men generally are hesitant to speak, let alone do something, about it-although new technology can help guys with even a very small number of healthy sperm act as fathers. The truth is that the quality and amount of semen in the male population is about the decrease and this is troublesome for the existence of the individual species. Most guys, however, are worried only about their sexual functionality, instead of the quality of the semen.

It is a really sensitive thing, and that means you’ll have to be tactful and non-

. He might agree to modify his life as a favour to you, instead of accepting that it’s his duty. Often guys are concerned about the reaction from their male friends, if they get teased, though some guys find a great deal of assistance from their own peers.

When he’s prepared to discuss possible changes, you are able to discuss particulars. I guess his drinking is a issue, You might gently suggest that he move on an alcohol-free plan for a few months. Following that, he can return to drinking a few glasses of good red wine once a week before the caliber of his semen improves when analyzed.

It’s crucial that he nourishes himself by ingesting well. An aged Indian publication on the craft of love asserts that from 40 lbs of fantastic food, a guy gets a pound of flesh. This flesh generates a pound of bloodstream (that was in the days when liquid and solid weights were exactly the same), which bloodstream generates one pound of semen. The message is exactly the identical now eating poor-quality (or too small) meals contributes to bad quality and quantity of semen. Just imagine how much energy that a sperm cell needs because of its long trip to fertilise the ovum. Unhealthy sperm cells simply are not up to the job. They get their energy in the person’s body, and nourishment and stress management are critical facets.

Here are my ideas to your husband:

* Eat fresh, healthy, rather organic meals, and always begin with a fantastic breakfast.

* Avoid yeast products since they brew alcohol at the gut. Steer clear of all foodstuffs which are sour or acidic (citrus fruits, pineapple, cherry, lavender, olives, vinegar, alcohol, coffee, deep fried, processed or canned foods, canned beverages) because these may act as spermicides- Drink Tea just in moderation.

* Mix a egg into a glass of hot milk add pepper and salt to taste, and beverage In the Orient, uncooked eggs have been consumed this way to help semen generation, (Make sure that the eggs are natural to avoid the possibility of salmonella.)

* Take Fortex to raise sperm levels one daily for 3 months.

* Take one 15mg pill per day for 2 months of either zinc citrate or Shilajit -that is extracted out of a bitumen-like stone in the Himalayan mountains and contains optimal concentration of calcium, zinc and lots of trace elements required for healthy sperm.

Walk daily from the fresh air for a minimum of 30 minutes. Do other exercise that you like. Practise yoga or a martial art like t’ai chi. Listen to a relaxation tape through the nighttime to enhance sleep quality.

* Constipation can influence nutrient absorption, so make sure this isn’t a difficulty by drinking at least eight large glasses of still water every day between meals.