10 mistakes that you make in the styling of σγουρών hair

1 Comb and get out of your hair after the bath

Experts say that we are more frizz. To avoid this, comb your hair after you stretch out the mask or the conditioner. After the rinse, we don’t touch our hair or with your fingers.

2Ξεβγάζεις your hair wrong

When ξεβγάζεις your hair to the back do your curls to “sit” and remove the tumor. For wonderful curls with vitality, turn your head upside-down, whited out and always comb your hair in this position.

3i gives shape to the curls when you have

As dr. the conditioner in your hair, help them to take shape, holding them in the palm of your hand and by pressing to the root. Repeat the process when ξεβγάζεις your hair for perfect results.

4Δεν use a towel

With your head still upside down, wrap your hair with your towel in a turban while it’s still wet. This will give them volume from the roots.

5Αργείς to lay the products styling

The basic condition to avoid the frizz is to put your styling products while your hair is still very fresh.

6Δεν you use enough product

The hairstylists propose to spread our products into two doses. In the first phase, spread the product with your head in an upright position and then repeat the procedure with the head turned upside down. Then don’t touch your hair! Will not sabotage what you have accomplished up to now.

7Δεν experimenting with different products

Each type of curl is different and that’s why it’s not a given that any product will meet your needs. Do market research, make smart choices and see which compositions help. You will choose a in the form of a gel, foam or cream? If you don’t try different compositions you won’t find the ideal.

8Αποφεύγεις the hair dryer

Wait to dry enough your hair, around 80% and then dry them with a special accessory. Turned your head down, don’t touch your hair and dry them with cold air.

9Χρησιμοποιείς a lot of oils

I’m sure the curls you need more hydration than any other type of hair but did you, in your quest to rid of frizz, use larger quantities of hair oil from it that you need? Try to reduce the quantity and to focus on the tips and you will definitely see a difference.

10Δεν use hair masks

The moisturizing compositions of a good mask can transform your curls. There are dozens of options in the market especially for curly hair, and these will have to bet at least 2 times a week after shampooing.

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