10+1 appearances full of color for you to don’t you ever get tired of

Because the color not only is a top trend this year, but the best way to get away from the dark of winter clothes we’ve gathered for you the most beautiful performances of street stylers. Don’t hesitate to add to their performances both in total look and with smaller strokes but still make an impression.

The rule to remember? There are no rules! The only criterion should be if it put you in the mood, reflects and highlights your features. Look at the visitors that inspire us now, pick your favorite and copy the first chance I get.

Photo: negin_mirsalehi

Photo: camilacoelho

Photo: wethepeoplestyle

Photo: lucywilliams02

Photo: weworewhat

Photo: ariellecharnas

Photo: michaelapodo

Photo: aimeesong

Photo: sincerelyjules

Photo: rocky_barnes

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