3 tips for taking the best photos (and falling rain the likes)

We entered to the account of the blinding Elsa Hosk, of which we say huge fans, and we spotted three secrets that you can directly apply and you for the most beautiful pictures ever made.

Good lighting

If you study the pictures of models and influencer who earn thousands of likes every time you will locate that they have a common feature: the perfect lighting. Whether it is natural or artificial, with the help of flash, this is the most important detail which may be the key to amazing shots.

Photo: hoskelsa

Avoid unnatural poses

The naturalness shown on the photos and like it a lot more than a staged photo in which seems that you feel uncomfortable. What should you pay attention? Keep moving as much as pulling the lens and you can ask anyone who shoots to get a lot of downloads in order to be able to locate the one that flatters you.

Photo: hoskelsa

Color and back color

Don’t underestimate the power of vibrant shades and colors that attract the eye like a magnet. A set of colors that suit you and highlight the hair, the eyes and the skin is your top choice for breaking the monotony, even if your style is minimalist.

Photo: thestylestalkercom

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