5 beauty habits that you should leave to the experts (Trust us!)

All of us want healthy skin, shiny hair, strong fingernails, and a blinding white smile, that’s for sure. What also we are constantly looking for economic solutions, products, and DIY techniques that will allow us to welcome the most beautiful version of ourselves. The catch? Often, and especially in our thinking of the wallet, and the precious free time we have left, make savings where you don’t really need to: undertake the roles of specialists with inadequate knowledge, may do more harm than good in our appearance, and we sabotage our struggle for a flawless face. If in the above you recognize yourself, don’t despair, we admit we do that we fall into such irregularities, and we present cases that it would be good to trust only those who have the knowledge to help you substantially.


Toothpastes and solutions with whitening actions that may help in the long run, but sometimes we want immediate results, and choose a most powerful and active products. Makes sense if you consider the cost of a professional teeth whitening at the dentist. With dozens of influencers to promote a kit for whitening at home, maybe you have come and you are tempted to give in. But you must resist because to give you a white smile in record time these products may contain up to 300 times the amount of υπεροξύδειου of hydrogen (a substance used in small doses and in professional λευκάνσεις). To make it more simple: using such a product is like brushing your teeth with bleach and you’re risking both the health of the teeth and gums of you and all of oral!

2The removal of gel nails

In this case, does not apply the prohibition as the very careful method to use. When observations of the first “damage” to the flawless manicure you resist the temptation to rip it out and devoted the time (and money) it takes to visit the aesthetic of your. When you take the gel or semi-permanent varnish on your own, and without sufficient knowledge, you hurt the claws that weaken, turn yellow and break easily. Of course, there are ways to remove the gel from the house, but you should arm yourself with special tools, to know exactly what steps you need to follow and to be patient ώστες to take a few moves and there are no remaining residues.

3The decoupage and the use of hydrogen peroxide in the hair

If you make the decision to do a drastic change I’ll advise you not to take matters into your own hands, to trust the hair stylist and you can choose products that will help you to keep the intensity and the color of the first day of the house. It’s not just the end result that you might not come out as you imagined if you choose to do everything in the house. There is a great chance to αφυδατώσεις your hair to the point that the dryness and the cracks may not be reversible and harm to the scalp of the head with a very strong products that should be used in specific dosages and only by professionals.

4The microneedling

This is one of the biggest skincare trends of the last few years and definitely have seen dozens of skin care gurus to speak for extraordinary results. During this treatment, a roller with many small pins are used on the surface of the skin in combination with a moisturizing serum in order to create small “wounds” which penetrates to a depth of the product. While there are commercially available devices for at home micro needling, make sure to choose very carefully the size of the spike. The bigger it is the greater the risk of injury, open resources and sources of infections are created in the skin. Do your research and leave the most complex methods to the experts.

5The treatments with chemical

As with the decoupage so, and straightening the risk is too great and can have disastrous results. If you want straight hair on a daily basis without the use of tools, then definitely the straightening is for you, but only in the hands of an experienced επαγγελματιά. He will be able to advise you on whether this is appropriate for the quality and type of your hair and to choose the products that will give you a smooth effect for a long time. It is also worth to know that there are even more sophisticated techniques that will soften the hair, will remove frizz and will give you the desired result without chemicals. You have to ask the hair stylist in your next appointment.

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