5 fashion questions that we did in the Sienna Miller

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H Sienna Miller has the style that they loved and continue to love women, the designers, the magazines. That is why we have to resort always to this when we are in need of inspiration. How would you describe, however, the perfect shoes with 5 words? “Elegant, classic, cool, glam, playful, comfortable. These are 6 words and so I would describe the Jimmy Choo,” he says.

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How can you stand out in the crowd with your looks? “Someone who feels comfortable with himself, that has courage to wear what he wants, will always stand out”.

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Who is the gold standard for the ultimate luke? “To wear shoes with which you’ll be dancing all night. And you’re ready to take off at any time, as I was,”

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What is your favorite fashion decade? “The 90’s was the most chic time for me. Women with oversized blazer and minimal makeup, I like this aesthetic because it shows that you don’t try too hard with your appearance. I remember that I was still a student and I was looking at photos of Gwyneth Platrow, Kate Moss, Winona Ryder.

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The best advice I have been given? “Let the others come to you…”

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