5 myths about sun protection were swept away

1Έβαλα sunscreen in the morning so you don’t have to wear all day

If you walk around outside, playing in the sea or sweating under the sun, the sunscreen that you put on in the morning before φύγειας from home will not protect you as much as it should. It is necessary to repeat the process at regular intervals.

2Όσο higher the spf, the more protection you provide me the product

The term SPF means Sun Protection Factor and what it means is how long you can stay exposed to the sun without getting burned. So the higher the spf, the more hours you can sit in the sun without getting a sunburn.

3Μου lacking vitamin D so the sun is necessary

The tan does not mean that you have right levels of vitamin D in your body. We need 10-15 minutes of sun exposure to produce the οργανσιμός adequate levels of vitamin D, after this time the body stop to produce it. Maybe you should reconsider the hours that you spend under the hot sun.

4Είμαι brunette, so I don’t need sun protection

This is the biggest myth that is heard with regard to the protection of the skin under the sun. Each type of skin must be protected after the great exhibition εντείενι the aging of the skin and the wear and tear while increasing the chances for skin cancer.

5 I need a sunscreen for the days when it’s cloudy

The clouds don’t block the harmful UV rays that cause irreparable damage on our skin. Don’t neglect this very basic step in the routine beauty regimen and your skin will ευγνομωνεί in the future.

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