6 beauty looks with purple shadow, which we will try now for a perfect selfie

Photo: nikki_makeup

The lilac and purple in general is fashion, and you know it! But do you know that it is at the same time and from the greatest trends in makeup? We love it and now that we have plenty of time available to us we intend to try it the most beautiful look in which he stars. We get ideas from the most renowned make up artist of Hollywood, we set up with brushes, shadow palettes, glitter and liner and we dedicate as much time as we want in the copying of the most impressive proposals.

Spring Pop!

Photo: nikki_makeup

A monochrome pastel look is an ideal choice for this season since it reminds me of spring and makes our mood. With a pastel shade stressed the upper eyelid, continuing to the top and then do exactly the same on the lower eyelid. For an extra dose of λάψης stressed the upper eyelid with a little bit of shimmery shadow as it shows us the make up artist Nikki Makeup and the look you will definitely stand out.

Dark Night

Photo: isabelamerced

Did you think the purple is only for subversive day looks-thanks to the pastel shades that dominate now in fashion? Think again! The darker shades of this color can really transform the night look you in the highly mysterious and seductive. The only thing you’ll need apart from a matte purple shade is a still composition with generous doses of glitter which you apply before you’ve completed your makeup to avoid stains in the rest of the face.

Minimal Chic

Photo: patrickta

O make up artist of celebrities Patrick Ta shows us that the make-up with color doesn’t have to be too. We can easily make our first steps in the world of color with a transparent purple shadow which would stretch out well and will “wipe out” with the brush and follow the same technique and on the lower eyelid. The last touch is the mascara that will give volume to the eye in a second.

Go Graphic

Photo: makeupvincent

You may have noticed that the purple is from the colors that accentuate every color eye. You know that the same applies to the bold graphic look that is in fashion this year. So why not combine the two in one makeup? The only thing you’ll need is a fairly dark and opaque shade of shadow which lay in such a way that is reminiscent of the flicks that will have you done with the eyeliner for you. The look of the make up arists Vincent Oquendo was what convinced us to experiment with.

Pastel Dream

Photo: janicekinjo

The experimentation with color, you don’t need to scare you. Simple but dynamic look like this starring a more warm hue is a top choice in conjunction with an extra dose of flash to the inner corner of the eye. For perfect balance make sure the rest of the face to move in on nude tones and you’re ready.

Smokey Glamour

Photo: hungvanngo

In charmed, this smokey look that remains chic? To understand and to inform you that the smokey eyes is one of the best options for you to experiment with the dark purple. What will you need? A palette with different shades of purple and your favorite brushes. Do blending with the darker shade in the eye socket and use the more open lilac shade as a highlight. To complete the makeup you choose a solid black pencil and highlighted the contour of your eyes.

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