6 beauty secrets for dating perfect photos every time

Answer us honestly: how many selfie’s do you have out of these days until you find the one that will put on socials, while of course staying home? We’re definitely more than we’d like to admit. However, as long as we kill the time until the next meal-the highlight of the day us various thoughts born in our mind and one of these has a beauty of character. How is it our favorite movie star and influencer to show so wonderful in the close-ups, even when the photo is accompanied by the #NoFilter. We made the most careful research and we ended up in professional secrets that they trust for pictures that are breathtaking.

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Tip #1 The right tools for a smooth result

The basic condition for a great final result is the appropriate brushes and products that make the difference. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that more product = more and καύτερη cover because even the camera on your phone is so sophisticated that it will make the skin texture look even more pronounced. The secret is to use lightweight products that offer a little coverage while before you apply the face primer with blurring effects.

The same techniques and textures it is good to choose, and the area under the eyes. Avoid the powders, which is a technique excellent for the red carpet but not for natural and unfiltered result.

Where does that leave us? Less is More and the right tools are the ones that can make all the difference.

Tip #2 End of the contouring

The sharp lines that creates the contouring can make you look older and more worn out. That’s why we suggest you avoid when your goal is to create a soft and natural result.

What do you do for a youthful look? I bet on a fresh, peach tones and smart techniques highlighting to give lifting effect on the face in a more natural way.

Tip #3 preparation is everything

A new technique of preparation of the skin makes a splash lately, and has even become viral. Don’t be scared, the data certainly change a bit but the results will be simply stunning.

Started with a good moisturizer and sunscreen that you prefer, then passed a small amount of transparent powder all over the face and sprayed your skin with your favorite setting spray.

This may sound kind of weird but that’s the way you’ve managed to σταθεροπποιήσεις your makeup before you even put on the face and will make the products to spread more easily.

Tip #4 glossy lips

Use color to accentuate your lips in your photos but don’t choose really dark shades or extremely nude products. The only thing that will work is to do your lips to look small and less juicy. Your favorite red lipstick in a minimum quantity and applied with the finger to the center of the lips and a generous dose of gloss from the top will create the most juicy result.

Tip #5 Attention to details

They are the ones who can take off the to deteriorate the final result. You be more specific? The very bright filled eyebrows every other than, of course, will show, and the same is true for a lot of intense mascara, especially if it makes knots on the lashes. The secret is all to have a more soft character. A mascara that back of my stand out lashes is a top option while for your eyebrows, pick up a pencil and fill only the points it will require. Finally, comb your eyebrows with a special brush and you’re ready.

Tip #6 Intensity to the gaze

We discovered a little secret that can make a huge difference! Did you know that extra volume to the look of the professional make up artists choose dark blue eyelner or mascara? Now you know it! Many even choose to mix black and dark blue for a more discreet and chic result.

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