6 miraculous ingredients that need to seek in the products beauty regimen your

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The search of products that meet 100% the needs of your skin is not an easy task and with so many components and actions it is natural to get confused. To make this process a cinch we decoded the components for which there is a big buzz now, and I explain what you need to know for super up-to-date markets and flawless skin every time:

It is for vitamin B3 for topical use soothes the skin, gives shine and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to “build” the proteins that the skin needs to look vibrant, maintains hydration at the right levels while at the same time helps in the reduction of blemishes and scars from acne.

Peptides are small chains of amino acids that activate the cells of the epidermis in order to act more effectively. Nourish the skin and give a youthful appearance. There are specific peptides for every need of your skin from sensitivity and redness until the fine lines and freckles and experts recommend to use them in combination with other products since it can make it even more drastic.

This term covers all forms of vitamin A, one of the most active up to the ones you’ll meet in a financial products of the trade. You have surely heard about the retinol that helps in the cell renewal and brings to the surface of healthy cells, which, in turn, smooth the wrinkles, the scars and blemishes. They also help to fight acne and prevent premature aging of the skin as long as you remember the basic rule: when you put the retinoids in your routine should not skip out on the sunscreen.

Vitamin C
The ingredient with strong antioxidant action is a must for perfect skin. Prevents the reduction of collagen, protects from damage due to solar radiation and pollution of the atmosphere and gives a uniform appearance to the skin.

Enzymes are a top trend in facial and body scrub, since unlike the acids such as BHA and AHA, remove only the dead cells from the skin resulting in avoiding redness and irritation. They help in maintaining a healthy microbiome in the skin, but you have to use it one to two times a week, since with these there is a risk of over-exfoliation that leaves the skin exposed to harmful external factors.

UV Blockers
Sure you already know but worth repeating that the sun protection is the Alpha and the Omega for skin that glows of health now and in the future, even on the days when there’s no sun.

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