6 mistakes that you make in your bathroom

Photo: @emmahoareau

A shower with very hot water

Can this be you think top option to relax after a long day, but dermatologists warn that the lower temperatures are ideal for the skin. The very hot water removes the natural oils of the skin, makes it harder for blood circulation and can cause irritation. If your skin reddens during the bath you have to lower the temperature.

You spend a lot of time under water

Experts say that the shower lasts more than ten minutes is an exaggeration. For great skin stick to this time frame and make sure you have your back turned to the water to avoid … (kisses your face, and even the water pressure is low.

Look out for the ingredients of your shampoo

If you’ve done and you turn in products without parabens you are on the right track. Make sure to check the labels of products you use because many of the shampoo without parabens circulating contain methylisothiazolinone, a chemical, which can cause irritation. Notice also the conditioner that you are using as this may be responsible for any irritation or acne on the area of the back.

Photo: @emmahoareau

Use soap

Unfortunately, these products remove the natural oils of the skin and leave the skin dry and damaged. Choose cleansers and shower gels without soap, with moisturizing properties to make you feel great.

Use a sponge

It is of the greatest faults, by dermatologists since it is a hotbed of germs and bacteria after coming in contact with your skin.

Wash your face with products for the body

In this way καταπονείς the delicate skin of your face as well as ruin the pH balance. If you notice dryness and irritation, preferred to wash your face after your shower, when the pores have opened and the contaminants are removed more easily.

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