6 super stylish ways to wear now midi skirt

There’s a reason the midi skirts are back in the forefront of fashion for a few seasons and it’s still here: combine in countless ways, from elegant up to casual, and is incredibly flexible. In addition to suit every body type and offer elegance with a minimal amount of movement. We studied the appearances of the Insta girls that inspire us on a daily basis and you are presenting the stylistically their tips for integrated, classy appearances.

Combined with leather pieces

Leather, real or faux, is one of the best options for the winter. Not only elevates the whole style, but it helps in the layering since it keeps you warm, element is even more important when you choose to wear a skirt.

Photo: tamumcpherson

Oversize knitted

The satin skirts and the slip skirts are adapted perfectly to the colder months if you wear with a oversize knitted. With a pair of boots or ankle boots and a trendy bag you’ve created the perfect set for every day.

Photo: nicoleocran

Yeah the corduroy

The corduroy is one of the most winter-friendly fabrics, and fortunately for us is a huge success the past season. We like it because it gives vintage character to the whole us, protecting us along the cold.

Photo: styleidealist

Sequins in the morning

The super shiny skirt that you bought for you to shine at the party can be worn in the morning. As long as “calm down” the outfit of your choosing an oversize knit or a top and blazer in a neutral shade. In terms of shoes, your favorite classic ankle boots will make you look good.

Photo: wethepeoplestyle

High and Low

Don’t hesitate to set the slip skirt with more winter pieces. Top choices are the αρβυλάκια that they’re all wearing this year as well as the cosy puffer coats that will help you deal with the cold. The combination is what you need for the days you want to defy the cold while remaining stylish.

Photo: emilisindlev

Attention to the colors

A stylistic tip you need to remember when your goal is to create an elegant set of colors. By choosing colors close to each other or a single bright color to bring out a piece in a neutral shade will do for sure. Extra tip; Give emphasis to the different textures, selecting basic pieces in βινύλ, for example, to give air style icon in your outfit.

Photo: ruerodier

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