6 top tips for the summer from make up artist of Kendall Jenner

In the summer we want to have a fresh appearance, be prepared in record time and kept our makeup in place all day, despite the high temperatures. Our ally the no make up look that they prefer the most beautiful models. We consulted the make up artist of Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber, Mary Phillips, and I share with her all of the techniques that will give you a sophisticated but summery look. Are you taking notes?

Photo: maryphillips

1Ενυδάτωση above all

The starting point for every beauty look is clean and properly moisturized skin. What you’ll get by choosing products that meet the needs of your skin, drinking plenty of water especially during the summer months, and investing in correct sun protection. When your skin is in good condition will need less cloaking products and you’ll look instantly more natural and unpretentious.

2Επίλεξε light foundation

Photo: maryphillips
Left on the edge of super masking and matte compositions, and select those that hydrate which will “build” the coverage that you want. Don’t smear it all over your face but only in strategic points that show redness or imperfections. If your skin does not present problems, the best choice for you is a moisturizer with color.

3Προτίμησε creamy products

The products in the form of a cream “worked” a lot more easily and create a uniform and very natural result. In contrast, those in powder form can create intense and unsightly lines will sabotage your efforts to bring out your features without exaggeration.

4Πες “yes” to natural, earthy tones

Photo: maryphillips
All love the red lipstick and the playful, colorful beauty looks. Certainly, however, is not what is most natural. Pick earthy tones that flatter the color of your skin play with these to look fresh and radiant.

5Μήπως you’re using the wrong powder, you?

It’s tempting to set your makeup blending powder with a matte appearance throughout the face? This is a movement that sabotage the natural look of your. The beauty experts advise to limit the use of them at the points where you present oiliness during the day, such as the T-zone.

6Τα moisturizing mists is necessary

After your makeup spray a small amount of moisturizing face mist to stabilize the beauty look and don’t hesitate to repeat it during the day for a fresh, glowy look.

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