7 beauty habits that will give shine and health for your skin

1Πλύνε your brushes daily

Brushes for makeup and toiletry bag us are hotbeds of germs that threaten our skin and when you don’t wash them often increase the chances of infections and acne. To avoid this he spent a few minutes a day in order to clean it properly. This may sound boring and time consuming but think of the flawless complexion of yours and you’ll be convinced immediately.


Experts say that this is the secret of success in terms of beauty. Play with the colors in the shadows and the lipstick and use your products in different ways: did you know that your lipstick can be used as a blush and bronzer like a shadow?

3Μην negligent skincare your

You do not need to adopt sophisticated program of 10 steps to see results in your skin. Make sure to remove your makeup every day, wash your face with products that meet the needs of the skin, and don’t forget hydration. The rest of the steps are matters of personal preference, but nothing will work if you don’t put the correct bases.

4Κάνε the look in your eyes more intense

The beauty gurus they never forget to use the special tool for the eyelashes. Recommend, yes, to heat it a little with the hair dryer so that the result to last all day after you put mascara.

5Βρες the right balance

If you choose a statement look with smokey eyes and red lips (don’t listen to those who say that can’t happen!) be sure to keep the rest of the face “calm” leaving aside the makeup, the bronzer and the blush. The result will be extremely fresh and modern. Go for it!

6Less is more

Don’t burden your hair with a lot of products in the time after it anyway with the way it will not penetrate it all. Your hair will look heavy and tired. Avoid also frequent shampooing, and he was in a good dry shampoo that will give volume to your hair and will allow you to leave the bathing for the next day.

7Ενυδάτωση everywhere

Use a daily moisturizer on your face but you don’t do the same with your body? Think again. The hydration is necessary for both the winter and summer and keeps the skin healthy and radiant.

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