7 beauty looks that we are looking forward to replicate

You spend hours staring at the prettiest beauty looks from the red carpet of the brightest instances of fashion and beauty and promise yourself on a daily basis that the next morning would make a change. And when it comes time for makeup back to the tried and tested, safe looks your which you know that suit you and highlight your features with the result that the inspiration to spend again in a second. A look at the beauty looks that we discovered in the accounts of the hottest beauty professionals will convince you to dare something new and impressive.

The glossy and perfectly highlighted skin of Hailey Bieber

To Hollyood Glam look of Kate Bosworth

The flawless cat eye look by make up artist Claudia Neascu

To smokey the tons of candy of Sophie Turner

The matte eyelids and bright red lipstick we found in the InBeaut Magazine

The shimmery eyes edited by Kale Teter

Grunge makeup of Nicole Richie

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