7 mistakes in makeup you do their make up artists to creep you out!

1. Blow brushes for makeup you
The only thing you do right is to fill them up germs, which then spread it on your face. Instead of this just now tap the brush on the packaging of the product to remove the excess amount and to achieve a natural result.

2. You put a large amount of foundation
The looks that look beautiful on Instagram, and under professional lights will not show equally good in natural light. The same applies to the highlighter and the intense contouring. To avoid such a stylish result it is sufficient to choose a product with less coverage, and make sure to rub it well on the face with good quality makeup brushes.

3. Fill the entire eyebrow
Beautiful eyebrows are the ones that show carefully, but of course. Not having the product at their surface, do the necessary filling only the parts really needed and helped them to stay in place a composition with a gel texture.

4. Don’t you do right priming
The compositions in the foundation that move is so advanced that rarely are to blame for the smudges and uneven result, you observe as time passes. The secret is proper care of your skin and a good primer that will allow you to “lock” the look on your face.

5. Do excesses with the fake lashes
Experts suggest to avoid in general because the result does not look natural but if you love this ato, be careful not to overdo it in terms of length and density, and select fewer “wispy” that will just give you more volume.

6. Use products for different skin types
The “behavior” of each product depends very much on what you have implemented before. If so the primer is for oily skin and the foundation you dry these products will not work together properly in order to achieve perfect result. Ideally you will need to use a primer and a foundation of the same brand and the same type of skin.

7. Do excesses with the contouring
The look of Kim Kardashian does not look natural in the light of the day. The only thing you need to do is to give a little color on your face with a powder bronzer, and to avoid excessive shading which, if not done with absolute mastery, messing up the τέλικό result.

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