7 skin care mistakes that do not help the oily skin

Mistake #1: Using the wrong cleaning products

As many have oily skin and pores that appear on the surface of the skin we tend to use products with tough compositions to deal with the problem. It is preferable to follow the technique of double cleansing (double cleansing) it with a more mild product not to remove completely the natural oils present in the skin. By making this mistake, you essentially “force” the skin to produce extra oils which increase the problem of oiliness and visible pores.

Mistake #2: too much exfoliation

Natural exfoliating products with beans or chemicals such as acids AHA and BHA can have the opposite effect in terms of the oiliness and the appearance of resources. Experts suggest to use it, although every day but only at night and gently so as not to irritate the skin and not to intensify the problem.

Mistake #3: Skipping sunscreen

The sunscreen should be the product that you use on a daily basis and every day of the year (yes, even when it’s cloudy, even in the winter!). Exposure to radiation without protection doesn’t help at all the situation since the uv rays destroy collagen and elastin of the skin and make pores look bigger.

Mistake #4: you’re Using the wrong acid

Acid BHA (beta hydroxy acids) such as σαλικυλικλο acid or AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) like glycolic acid in a content of up to 5% is what you need for cell renewal and cleaning of resources in depth. You select the look of your skin to be transformed gradually and forever.

Mistake #5: don’t use toner

It is necessary product in the morning and in the evening, experts say. Suggest mild compositions in combination with a serum that contains vitamin C and sunscreen for the morning and something more drastic such as a toner with AHA or BHA for the night before the routine beauty regimen to us.

Mistake #6: you don’t use often masks

A good quality mask that meets the needs of oily skin with visible pores is what you need to do one to two times a week. Compositions with carbon or clay, for example, will help to clean in depth the skin without, however, to extract the oils needed for proper “function” of the.

Mistake #7: you don’t do make-up every day

We left for the end a mistake that normally shouldn’t even mention since it is perhaps the most fundamental condition of skin care. Without proper cleansing,whatever the product, and if you want to use will lose its potency and your skin will look dull, flaky and with dilated pores!

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