8 changes you need to do in the summer bag, your

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Out: Lip gloss
In: Tinted Lip balm

Give natural color and shine to lips with a lip balm with a little color while hydrating the lips. Left on the edge of the sticky lip gloss and immerse yourself in products with multitasking compositions.

Out: The creamy facial cleansers
R: The cleaners that make foam

The facial cleansers that make a rich lather is more effective in removing sweat, oils and waterproof makeup products that many choose the summer months.

Out: Matt bronzer and blush
In: Creamy products

To bring out even more of the sunkissed look to your left on the edge of the matt textures and bet on the ones with a creamy texture and a little shimmer that will make the difference.

Out: loose Powder for a matte look
In: Blotting papers

Do not be tempted to set it all over your face with a heavy powder that will leave the position with out. Choose blotting papers that will help to give a matte appearance to the spots that really need it like the T zone.

Out: Heavy primers
R: Setting Spray with spf

Do combo moves and stabilize your makeup with a setting spray with spf that protects your skin at the same time. So leave me on the edge of the primer and sunscreen and getting ready even more quickly.

Out: hairspray
R: The spray with salt

Give beachy dimension to the look of every day with one spray on the hair with salt that will make you look like you came in just from the surfboard.

Out: The heavy moisturizing body
In: body oil with shimmer

Rock your tan with a body oil with a light glow that will moisturize while your skin.

Out: shadow Palettes
In: Creamy shadows

As with the products, bronzer and eye makeup, the creamy textures are the ones that will make the look more summer. Don’t hesitate to choose compositions with shimmer, is what most summer releases.

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