An application that erases wrinkles

Photography: Stefania Paparelli

You want to improve the look of your face by erasing wrinkles? To highlight the corners with fillers of hyaluronic acid? A new iPhone app that is aimed at doctors, it depicts with detail the anatomy of our face. As stated by the plastic surgeon Maria Kotrotsiou, head of the department of Plastic surgery at the Evangelismos hospital: “The advantage is that it depicts each person with the vessels, the levels of fat, how much have atrophied fat cells, what is musculoskeletal under the skin, blood vessels, nerves, bones, muscles, and that from the point of view of security is very important. The application is used like a camera phone in front of the face of the member and is a very good tool for a physician who performs injectable treatments but before surgery, because he sees the details for the tissues”. The application Next motion will soon be available in several clinics.

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