Are you ready to join the company of La Casa de Papel?

With one -always – unconventional behavior, the Diesel and the La Casa de Papel, reveal a multi-layered, challenging, and revolutionary collaboration. The design team of Diesel redesign of the jumpsuits which are worn in the new season and are the main pieces of the wardrobe of the main characters of “the team”.

The redesign of the suit, the Diesel blends its design heritage with the aesthetic of La Casa de Papel. The red color strongly used joins the Diesel with NETFLIX and the La Casa de Papel.
From 19 July, the day of launching of the third part, the fans, consumers, and viewers will be ready to win a great souvenir gift. The Diesel will give the opportunity to everyone to become ‘team members’. A limited number of jumpsuits that will be worn on the reality on the show by the cast, is ready for you! Get in the follow the instructions, get offline so as to remain “invisible” and we’ll show you the next steps.

But for those who can’t participate in this, there is another surprise. The Diesel has created an alternative outfit! A limited edition capsule collection to celebrate the ‘weakness’ of the Diesel for the series and the heroes of the.
A jacket of double-sided, which is one of the first pieces file of Diesel and the whole of the collection, is characterized by dynamic graphics with the name of each character in the show and the ‘mask’ with lady color palette black, white and red.

The collection will be available in Greece at the Diesel store Golden Hall, and a Diesel store in Thessaloniki as well as in selected stores multi brand and from 19 July. The members of the Diesel loyalty program D:Code will have access to the market for the products earlier.

Ready to become members of the gang? See new episodes on Netflix from July 19th.

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