Beach Hair: How often should I wash my hair on vacation?

Sun, sea and sand can be synonyms of relaxation on beautiful beaches, but it is also a very harmful cocktail for our hair. To enjoy our holiday with great hair, it is necessary to prepare properly and to equip ourselves with the appropriate products. To protect them from the harmful radiation, we invest in specialized products and protective compositions that lock in the hydration. But what do we do bath time and how often we need to just bathe to protect our hair?

A key step for the care of our hair on holiday is a good rinse with lukewarm water. So we can remove every trace of sweat, salt and sand that probably accumulated in our hair. The chlorine of the pool, also, it removes any natural oil from the hair and make dyed blonde hair to lose their luster and be discolored. So it is good to remember to then wash out your hair with plenty of water, even when we are on the beach.

A mild shampoo is a must have for the makeup bag of the holiday, and the same is true for a highly moisturizing conditioner. We choose a special after-sun compositions, and the spread starting from the roots and continuing down, taking care not to rub our hair. The edges spread conditioner while we can apply like a mask and wait a few minutes until the wash all.

With regard to the shampooing experts remind that the high frequency is not good. Choose to rinse your hair a day and wash it with shampoo the next. The step that should not be neglectful? The moisturizing masks that will save you during the holiday.

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