Beach Romance: If you don’t want to give up the girly style even on the beach you have to see these 12 swimwear

Photo: @loveshackfancy

We took a “courageous” style decision for this year’s holiday: we will not deal at all with a sexy, revealing swimwear, and trends that leave little to the imagination. Instead, the focus of our interest are romantic pieces with a blossom print, colors that still looks beautiful under the bright sun, and vintage details such as the seat belts that bring the charm of past decades to today with absolute success. Even if you’re not planning to go completely back you in your sexy beachwear pieces of the season it is worth to take a look at the creations that we have taken the mind.

Floral swimsuit in the color of lavender, Cossie & Co. Floral one-piece swimsuit, Oséree. Swimsuit with bows and waist belt, Nicholas. Floral swimsuit with ruffles, Oysho. A swimsuit with a square neckline, Αdriana Degreas. Striped bathing suit with a belt in the middle, Solid & Striped. Floral bathing suit with a deep neckline, Topshop. Pink bathing suit with a belt in the middle, Hunza G. Floral swimsuit with one shoulder, Peony. Pink high-cut swimsuit, Topshop. Striped swimsuit with ruffles, h&M. Pink plaid swimwear, Ephemera.

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