Buttery skin: The ultimate make-up trend of the season

Photo by @bambilegit

The buttery skin is the most fresh version of the glowy look. We could say that the new make-up trick is based on the same philosophy with the glass skin, as well as the two focus on the fresh and luminous appearance that acquires the skin. Also, both trends have a starting point the internet and spread from the profile in the social networks of leading make-up artists. However, the main difference lies in the fact that the glass skin focuses on the routine care of the skin, and in particular to the hydration that it needs to glitter. On the other hand, the buttery skin is a special technique that offers the person an impressive flash effects, even after a few hours of sleep or after a fairly long day. The secret for you to adopt the buttery skin look it’s the multiple layers of refreshing and moisturizing textures. It will surprise you how wonderful it looks in normal/mixed or dry skin.
How to succeed:
1. The preparation of the skin. Indulge in the smooth texture by exfoliate with a special scrub and then apply a mask with hyaluronic acid for hydration.
2. The primer. Bet on a with microspheres flash. Apply initially to the cheekbones and then to the rest of the face.
3. The von de ten. Important step is to choose a makeup with a lightweight formula to create a light base. If you mix with a few drops of liquid highlighter, the result will be dazzling.
4. Blush. One with a creamy or liquid formula, is the only decision that you have to get.
5. The balm. It works like the natural perfection. Swipe on lips, cheeks or eyelids.
6. The mist. Lock the freshness of the makeup with a refreshing spray for a dewy effect.

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