Can a woman of 50 years old looks 30 without a facelift?

Dr Des Fernandes, it shows me something even more challenging on the screen of the laptop, during his recent visit in Greece: A woman who, at 70 it shows 50. The particular uses from the decade of the 90’s a serum that is constantly being improved as to the composition of and currently contains: Vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants that repair damage from free oxygen radicals, and peptides that reduce the signs of aging (located in range C-quence, Environ). “I am in favour of a cocktail of peptides that have a synergistic effect, that together offer a better result. What I’m investigating in the context of achieving the non-surgical facelift (facelifti in a jar). Some of these promote the production of elastin and other prevent muscular contraction. The peptides do not replace the vitamin A that is the queen of anti-aging”. As reported by Dr Fernandes, a combination of cosmetic treatment in the home and application roller achieves tightening of the skin thanks to the substances of lactic acid, μανδελικό acid, asiatic acid contained in a mask, in combination with the application roller to the infirmary”. Dr Fernandes proposes to enrich our menu with teas, rooibos, green honeybush, sources of resveratrol (e.x. grapes red) and vitamin A (raw carrots, sweet pumpkin, kale, etc.). Info:

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