CONTEST: Now you can get the body of your dreams

It is a fact that cellulite loves the female gender. Why is this happening? The collagen fibers in the subcutaneous tissue is different in women and men. Women, when the fat cells are full of fat, up to 2,000 times more than the volume, swell, putting pressure on collagen fibers with the result that “splitting” and to get the well-known orange peel effect on the surface of the skin.

But now there’s… the antidote, that promises to make you can say goodbye for good the signs of cellulite. The reason for the new hi-tech proposal to the slimming, serum Body-Slim Concentré Cryoactif laboratories Lierac, which, in combination with the sliming roller tool massage with which it circulates, it literally does wonders.

In particular, it is clinically proven to reduce up to 70% of the installed cellulite after 28 days of use. The success of this is due to the method of cryotherapy which have inspired the creators of the. The fat cells in this case are not destroyed, but suffered a “cold shock”. The volume of stored fat in the subcutaneous tissue drops dramatically, with the result that the marks left on your body the taste of the legalities of winter to disappear. The skin at the same points becomes incredibly smooth, elastic, firm and upright, ready to impress you with the beachwear pieces of the wardrobe and the tiny bathing suit!

The results
Laboratories Lierac asked 30 volunteers to try out the revolutionary product κρυοενεργού slimming Body-Slim Concentré Cryoactif. The results are becoming more and more visible:

In 7 days:
The quilted texture of the leather smoothed by 73%
The skin becomes firmer at 83%

In 28 days:
The installed cellulite is reduced by 70%
The local thickness is reduced

100% enhanced effectiveness with the Slimming Roller

Tips application
-Follow the following targeted instructions to see the difference in your skin.
-Apply the product κρυοενεργού slimming Body-Slim Concentré Cryoactif, morning and evening with circular massage movements on the affected areas.

Follow the below techniques massage slimming roller, αφιερώντας a minute in each step.

1. Strongly bites jacquet
Make sure that the skin is clean and dry. With fingers, make deep pricks with quick movements.

2. Brushing to relieve congestion
Apply the product on the affected areas. Then use the tool Slimming Roller to “brush” back and forth all the disputed areas.

3. Circular decongestion
The Slimming Roller drawing circles with upward time in the disputed areas.

4. Intense pressure
The Slimming Roller apply light pressure for approximately ten times in the disputed areas.

Alternatively apply the cream and massage with circular movements, without the use of slimming roller.

You will find it at selected pharmacies. Info:,,

To gives you the chance to win the super weapon for a perfect body. Register for the contest, enter the draw and two lucky girls will each win a product κρυοενεργού slimming Body-Slim Concentré Cryoactif, which includes the serum-Body-Slim Concentré Cryoactif laboratories Lierac, along with the sliming roller tool massage, with a value of €49,90 each.

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