Do you want to copy the hair looks of street stylers; This you can comfortably

Because we know you want your appearance to look like something out of a street style photography, both in terms of styling as you are with your hair, we can get you the best hair looks. These are choices that require minimal effort and just accessories but will give you a style that matches with everything. Check out our favorite options and put an end to boring hair days.

The accessories in her hair

Even if you’re not in the mood for sophisticated styling, a simple accessory such as a velvet headband will make the difference, and with a minimum moves. You can choose, regardless of appearance and style and you can manage to make a highly elegant appearance. The fashion is the place your headbands, you’ll find it everywhere.

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Another alternative to take a simple and everyday hair look like the timeless ponytail is to “brighten it up” with a scarf. Even if the entirety of your play with single color or very bright colors, a scarf or a scarf in your hair will give you a completely different air.

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The low ponytail

We like it a lot because it is easy, elegant and looks great even if you choose a more sloppy version of it. It is preferred particularly combined with pieces with a high neck or turtleneck so as not to distract attention from the special as a whole while at the same time will accentuate and eye-catching earrings.

Photo: thestylestalkercom

We choose the low ponytail regardless of the style, but we like it even more with simple ensembles or chic outfits for all the hours.

The braids

Loose and sloppy, attentive, and perfectly combed, parted in the middle or on the side… the options regarding timeless this hairstyle is so that you can choose even for every day. We say we are a fan of the simpler version, which often prefer the Scandinavian street stylers, known lovers of minimalism.

Photo: thestylestalkercom

The undone look

The girls who know trend know and how to bring proper balance to the σύνολά and, of course, the ideal hair look is necessary. So many times we see them to choose disheveled hairstyles that we like very much and we intend to adopt the next time the inspiration has abandoned us.

Photo: thestylestalkercom

The collar tuck

The trend we have seen Olivia Palermo which often “let” her hair from the collar of a garment, particularly when she was wearing pieces with a high neck or turtleneck. Now the collar tuck has become synonymous with thoroughly sloppy appearance of the street stylers and the best part? To copy is not required neither skill nor no trouble at all.

Photo: thestylestalkercom

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