ELLE Exclusive: Gisele shared with us the 3 secrets for a better life

2020, the world of beauty and women do not seek supernatural standards. Our goal is the inner peace and tranquility, faith in ourselves, the precious moments, all the things that will make us feel, and to show more beautiful, of course. The Gisele is a supermodel with irresistible face and proportions, what makes it even more beautiful, however, is the philosophy of the serenity it evokes, all the things that they did to turn a page in her life and to seek happiness as he dreamed of her, close to nature and the sea. In this standard of beauty ran over, and the new serum Super Potent Serum of a series of Capture Totale Dior, and muse could not be other than Gisele.

Gisele, however, is not left just to a campaign, but wanted to introduce us truly in the lifestyle, to teach us the secrets of the for to start the new year with one motive: to find our inner beauty and then we will show really beautiful. Discover all the secrets through a series of video created for Dior and track exclusively through ELLE.

Gisele’s giving us a tour of the gardens of Dior, where it developed naturally and in a sustainable way the flowers contained in the range of Capture Totale Dior, capturing all the energy and nutrients. “I always believed that the peace starts from within us, when connecting with that voice inside you that knows who you are, you can grow into. The best things come from within us. This is the philosophy of Capture Totale Dior, and that’s how I want to live my life.

Lesson 1-Find your balance

In the decade of the ’20s, and while he was at the height of her career, she suffered from panic attacks, feeling trapped in the perfect life that everyone believed he was. Then was the moment that he thought you really need to change philosophy and habits… “I Was a captive of my own life, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I realized that I had to change my habits, and I feel grateful that I did, and I started a completely new life,” he confesses and the way of advising us how we can all dare a new start if we’re not happy.

Lesson 2-Connect with your best

Only a few minutes to yourself is precious to find our inner peace. This has to be one of our priorities for the new year. “They’re pulling us in so many different directions, we receive so much information and this creates enormous pressure and stress. Find a time and disconnect from all of that, press stop to all this trouble, stay alone with yourself. Even if it is for 10 or 20 minutes a day, give this time to yourself”, advises us.

Lesson 3-Stay in contact with nature

Gisele has a garden where she plants vegetables and fruits, finds excuses to spend time with the children of nature and he knows that this not only helps you to feel calm and beautiful. “Being close to nature gives me balance, energy and joy. The energy is so vital and positive that every time I want to αποσυμφορηθώ stress, there is nothing better than being in nature. Whether it’s the ocean or in the mountains, I’m just taking off my shoes and pushing with my feet on the ground, feel the earth, breathe the fresh air, see the sunset, the beauty is everywhere. I think that all of this let’s make both happy so that we feel more beautiful”, he explains.

Gisele is the face of the new serum Super Potent Serum of a series of Capture Totale Dior, with 91% natural ingredients and the patented technology of Bio-Cellular, which activate the cell renewal of the epidermis. The skin becomes firmer, smooth and shining, radiating health, and we certainly want to try it.

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