Emilia Clarke is the first global ambassador of Clinique

The Clinique has announced its partnership with actress Emilia Clarke as the first global ambassador of the brand, for hair and makeup.
To celebrate the multi-faceted, dynamic and upbeat woman who embodies the Emilia Clarke, the first campaign for the care of the skin involves a series of “Clinique” iD. With the addition of the “Clinique” iD Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing BB-Gel, the range of Clinique iD now offers 20 unique combinations, which allow consumers to create their own iD, customized and personalized, to rehydrate and to take care of their own needs skin.
“The Clinique has been a champion advocate to empower women through the knowledge of how to create the perfect skin”, says Jane Lauder, Global Brand President, Clinique. “Emilia, our “pulled” because he is an optimistic man, happy with the skin, embodying at the same time a modern multi-faceted woman who is constantly evolving together with the needs for care of the skin. It is also a real user and a friend of Clinique, which is very important for us. With the power of the “voice” of Emilia will help consumers to embrace their own unique journey of skincare. ”

An undeniably talented actress, Emilia Clarke has garnered the attention of the public all over the world having the leading role in the successful series Game Of Thrones, a role which has garnered 4 nominations in the Emmy awards and 2 nominations in the awards Critics Choice as Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons.
“I’m very proud that I am in the Clinique as the new Global Ambassador of the brand. A brand of skincare I used and I still use it. Now I’m part of this family and this is an honor for me! I love the confidence and the joy that it brings to people who use the products,” says Emilia Clarke. “The Clinique, not only is it timeless, but I’m proud that I’m working with a brand that makes people feel comfortable in their skin.”

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