French Girl Beauty: top tips for you to shine every day

Photo: @sabinasocol

We learned the beauty secrets of the most natural girls in the fashion and thinking seriously to leave it for a while on the edge of the dozens of products of makeup that we use every day, to love the natural beauty and shine of health. You will follow their advice?

1 to show a perfectly natural and fresh spent your eyelashes with transparent mascara after you give them shape with the special tool. This will give volume to the lashes without adding color, and without the risk of annoying smudge that all we observe at the end of a long day .

2 Left on the edge of the von de ten. The French believe that every flaw of the skin is unique and should not be the cover. For a lovely glowy look, choose a moisturizer with a minimum of color that will highlight the features of your just giving your skin a uniform tone.

Photo: @sabinasocol

3 For beautiful lips stretch out your lipstick with your finger by dabbing motion. That’s how you get the just-kissed effect that love the sexy, parisian, and will give as much color you need on your lips. To get it, make sure to use lipstick with a matte texture.

4 For glamorous look, use the highlighter you like a shadow and you will be thrilled with the result. For even more glossy result you can choose some eye gloss, which is a top trend this year and put the minimum to avoid the excesses.

5 The blush is only for cheeks. By applying a minimum amount of the bone of the eyebrow will make your eyes look bigger and will accentuate the area in a way that looks very natural and simpleminded.

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