Get Ready: Go to New York with perfect hair!

February just came in, and our calendar is full of fashion events not to be missed. The most exciting fashion date, however, is in front of us. The reason for the New York Fashion Week for the season Autumn/Winter of 2020-2021. And there we will go on our own! Since 2006, the TRESemmé is the exclusive associate haircare styling in the Fashion Week of the American capital. This means that for more than 10 years, TRESemmé has starred in more than 75 stunning displays which bear the signature of some of the most famous designer of New York city.

The TRESemmé is in the first row, but behind the scenes, a champion in the hands of the most renowned hair stylist, to create the company of the hottest hair looks from the catwalk. From the backstage of NYFW, we couldn’t miss, of course, and the Wisdom of a Legal, the official hair expert of TRESemmé in Greece, as part of the group of the most important Hair Experts in the NYFW, to create the new, large trends in the hair of the next season.

In the attempt to convey all women the glamour that one encounters in New York Fashion Week, the social media of TRESemmé I carry every day, this unique atmosphere of the displays and everything that’s taking place backstage, as it was also last September. The TRESemmé as an integral part of the success of Fashion Week in New York, was present the fantastic shows of Alice + Olivia and Chromat and broadcast the latest trends in fashion & hair styling! Are you ready to discover a frame by frame everything I need for the new trends in beauty for the season Autumn/Winter ’20s? Tune in and learn the hottest tips from the NYFW and achieved the look seen on the catwalk in the house alone. Trust the TRESemmé, the complete range of hair care and styling, and gave me professional results to your hair!

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