Go Big or Go Home: The new vegan mascara Kat Von D for XXL lashes

In the last few years has increased the percentage of people that are part of the global movement vegan. Of course, not only about the foods that we consume, and the attempt to abstain from anything that harms the environment and animals when it comes to clothes and beauty items you choose. If you are thinking to follow a vegan lifestyle, it is now easier than ever, as well as products with natural ingredients are gaining more and more ground in the beauty industry. “It only took patience and a small amount of money to make the change,” says Kat Von D, and refers to the brand, which is spearheading the movement beauty vegan. “I think that it is our duty as human beings to do what is right. I want to be an example of a company that cares. When animals suffer, we all ευαισθητοποιούμαστε. “

The popular brand Kat Von D Beauty presents the ultimate gadget eye makeup, which every woman needs for a mysterious, seductive look. The new mascara Go Big or Go Home promises spectacular volume and XXL length with a single pass.

The innovation of the Go Big or Go Home mascara is the 100% vegan formulation which contains a blend of natural olive oil and sunflower, instead of wax, creating the basis for an excellent volume. And thanks to the corrugated brush you will no longer need the scissors. Covers each eyelash and gives a soft, full coverage with an intense black color (in shade “Trooper ” Black”).

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