Go with the Glow: 5 tips for skin that you don’t need highlighter

Exfoliation and hydration

There are countless super hydrating formulas on the market that can make your complexion radiant. But you won’t succeed if you don’t remove the dead cells that dull your face, because the moisturizer will not penetrate to depth. Choose a light chemical peel with fruit acids 2 times a week and do exfoliation with a mild scrub before you lay a generous dose of moisturizer.

Mix and Match

Mixed a small amount of foundation with your moisturizer and choose moisturizing face mists to give your skin a boost of radiance during the day. You’ll see that I look more glowy than ever.

Less is more

In our daily impressions, we just want to look fresh, hydrated skin and shiny. It is not necessary, therefore, to follow the advice of YouTubers who create sophisticated beauty looks. Do contouring with a matte product close to the tone of your skin and use a minimum hightlighter in strategic points of the face.

Use less powder

Πουδράροντας all over your face the only thing you accomplish is a one-dimensional face that a lot of times it looks like a mask and is not flattering at all. Let your skin to breathe and has limited the use of powder on the T zone of the face and under the eyes to keep the concealer in your inalterable all day.

Invested in skincare

Don’t forget the sun protection, even in the winter. Don’t leave out the good make-up remover and deep cleaning as well as moisturizing with products that meet the needs of your skin. It is better to help your skin to shine rather than trying to give her a glow with cosmetics.

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