Green Tea: 7 reasons that make it the perfect beauty ally

1Έχει strong antibacterial action

The bacteria living on our face, but it doesn’t always lead to imperfections and pimples. The key to a clean face is the management of these bacteria before they clog the pores of our face. Green tea is a powerful antibacterial. “Due to the high content of polyphenols and acts as an anti-inflammatory thus combating redness, oiliness and uneven skin tone.

2Καταπολεμά local free radicals

The experts propose the use of green tea in beauty products that we choose in order to contribute to the protection of our skin. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants anti-aging called catechins, which eliminate free radicals which if not removed can damage the skin.

3Χαρίζει even more protection to the skin

Using product with green tea create another layer of protection from pollution and the sun. It has also been shown to have a protective effect against infection or of atmospheric dust leads to skin aging while at the same time gives and photo-protection

4Έχει anti-aging properties

Green tea is known for its anti-aging properties as it can help in maintaining elasticity of the skin. Is one of the best anti-aging secrets of nature and has been consumed for thousands of years, but only recently as a topical treatment thanks to the anti-aging power.

5Γεμίζει fine lines

Over the years the skin loses its uniformity, but with green tea this process can be slowed down. The properties of the tea allows the skin to cope with environmental and age factors and to show a more plump, more fresh and healthy than ever.

6Το green tea is excellent as a local anti-inflammatory

In combination with other factors, the inflammation can create various problems on our skin but by choosing cosmetics with green tea in their ingredients we will be able to reduce the inflammation, redness and to give gradually in our face more and more radiant appearance.

7Κάνει wonders for the digestive system

The κατάναλωση green tea can be good for the digestive system, especially if in afflict different problems of this kind. It is said that the health of the digestive system connects directly with both the appearance and the health of our skin. However, it remains unknown the quantity that we can consume safely on a daily basis and so it is good to not make excesses.

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