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The cancer treatments have changed significantly in the last few years. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, The medical advances have brought forth new healing methods, leading to an increasingly personalized approach for each patient. However, during the treatment, the skin all over the body undergoes changes, which are called “skin side effects” that can radically change the appearance of a man. These adverse reactions on the skin can be balanced and, to be relieved with the appropriate dermocosmetic care.

The Dermatological Laboratories of La Roche-Posay is committed to care the skin of patients with cancer, to restrict or slow down any side effects and to improve everyday life, both during and after the treatments. In particular, in collaboration with the “Hugging” the La Roche-Posay has planned a series of actions that will take place for the first time in our country:
-Dermatological Events information to patients, nursing staff & relatives
-Information actions for the care and beauty (hair and make-up)
-Marketing of products & information material in more than 6,000 patients

“Our mission at La Roche-Posay is to change the lives of sensitive skin and much less of the patient with cancer may experience changes that can cause discomfort both physically and on a psychological level. The vision of the “Hug” -no one alone against the cancer – moves us and motivates us. The specialized working group of European SKIn care Management in Oncology (ESKIMO) that has been adopted by the La Roche-Posay and is comprised of leading dermatologists and oncologists, having analysed and identified the side effects of treatments, make recommendations about the appropriate δερμοκαλλυντικά products that can relieve their oncology patients and significantly improve their daily lives,” said Spiro Arvanitakis, Director of the brand La Roche-Posay.

Johanna Each of the Chairman of the BOARD of directors of the Hug said: “The society of volunteers against cancer Hug feels special satisfaction for the cooperation with the well-known company dermocosmetics La Roche-Posay, which is aimed at grooming and skin care of the oncology patient. The group Hug that is for 43 years on the side of the cancer patients understand their needs. The changes in the appearance and texture of the skin of the patients, it creates several times bad psychology, lack of confidence, signs of depression and decline. With this cooperation we seek to both boost the morale, self-esteem and self-confidence of the patients, and the improvement and regeneration of the skin. In this way, you will be able to accept the new reality and you will feel winners and winners. Our goal is to embrace the skin of cancer patients”.

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