Hair Trends 2020: These are the hottest options for the year

Long & Beachy

The casual hair look that reminds me of the surfer girls of California not only didn’t goes out of fashion but this year is expected to master. It’s carefree, and it looks like you don’t have to intervene at all in the styling and exudes a sexy air-fits-all style. If your hair is quite long or wavy then all you need to do is a salt spray that gives the texture to the hair.

Photo: kathleen_hair

Photo: camilamorrone

Welcome to the 60s

The decade of the 60’s is back with a vengeance and the style that we like very much. Not enough volume on the top of the head and curly hair make up the most fashion forward combination. Adding a wide headband or eye-catching accessories in your hair will just copy perfect the look that we’re already seeing everywhere. For a extremely theme all you have to do is play with your makeup with intense eye liner, and juicy nude lips.

Photo: brittsully

The hair stylist Sarah Potempa chose this 60s hairstyle for Camila Cabello.

Photo: sarahpotempa

Flash to the max

The holidays may have come to the end, but this year, the shiny accessories will continue to dominate and to decorate even the simplest of hairstyles. Clips, toggles with logos and head bands διασκοσμούνται with rhinestones and sparkling crystals for a sparkly effect that will convince, even as many avoid the bling to give directly.

Photo: helenabordon

A headband with shiny decorative elements can give a new dimension to your hair, especially if you prefer to leave of course.

Photo: jenniferbehr

The Twister

The hairstyle that has a clear Old Hollywood influences, and that’s exactly why we like it so much. It exudes the perfect dose of glamour and promises to elevate every official appearance. Don’t be scared of how complicated it looks, in fact you can copy it with a few simple moves. What do you think, are you ready for vintage skins?

Photo: justinemarjan

The big scrunchies

All the indications are that it is here to stay and we say we are excited. It is one of the simplest ways to give an extra touch to your hair look and with so many options in colors, textures and print to choose from you will surely find what you will be the go-to your the year just started.

Photo: nikkilee901

Wonder if it’s a match with all styles of hair and all the hairstyles? The answer is “yes”!

Photo: thenotoriouskia

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