He traveled in the world of perfumes Dior

The house of Dior welcomed journalists and lovers of the house to live in with the interactive experience “FOR THE LOVE OF PERFUME” knowing that the historic heritage. The house of fragrances Dior has shared the secrets of inspiration and the creation of a perfume 100% made in Dior – from famous perfumers such as Edmond Roudnitska and the top Francois Demachy.

O is transferred in a sense to the house of the couturier, Christian Dior, close to Grasse over Cannes. The tower of perfumes”, as called by the locals, is the place in which the designer came up with the idea for the first creations of both the high fashion and the high perfumery. Inexhaustible source of inspiration for the clothing line and fragrance creations was always the garden of the house with the beautiful roses, May Rose, jasmine, favorites of μιγκέ (lilly of the valey – lilies and irises.

His love for the south of France, for the rose and the jasmine led Christian Dior to his first perfume, the legendary youth elixir, Miss Dior, which was born in his favorite home in Provence in 1946 the same day he presented his first bathroom haute couture.

In 1999 was born the j’adore, a luxurious elixir in a bottle that refers to a feminine silhouette and is made from notes of μιγκέ and jasmine.

Latest aromatic creation of the house, the Joy by Dior, is an essence that captures the joy through a jumble of flowers and citrus fruits. Released 2018 conquering immediately the female sex.

The Sauvage Eau de Toilette is a masculine aromatic φουγκέρ with bergamot Calabrian, rose geranium, lavender and pepper, which from the 1966 launch has fans.

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