H&M Conscious: How the fashion protects the environment

Did you know that 95% of the clothes are discarded, can be ξαναφορεθούν, reused or recycled it? In recent years, the H&M with a variety of actions, is here to convince you that such a thing is possible, as long as the effort is collective! With a look so pointed in a more sustainable fashion industry and on the occasion of the simultaneous launch on April 11, the two sustainable collections, h&M’s Conscious and Conscious Exclusive, H&M presents its new digital campaign.

The messages are powerful and come from five unique women-muses, Maria Nafpliotou, Esther Mastroyiannis, Georgina Liosi, Marina Satti and Effie Butt. Each of these players stands out for its dynamism and creativity, and all together move on the basis of a common vision… The creation of a sustainable future, not only for fashion, but for the entire planet.

So through a series of short digital videos, each one expresses in its own unique way the reasons why sustainable, H&M Conscious pieces are no longer necessary in everyday life and then motivates the audience to take action in the life cycle of fashion, by participating in the Recycling of Clothes.

Yes, from 1 to 13 April, the same h&M enhances the Initiative to Recycle Clothes, which anyway performs throughout the year in various stores, offering to their customers for every bag of clothes and household fabrics, two discount vouchers of 15% for the next purchase. What we must remember is that recycling unwanted clothes at h&M, secure that nothing goes to waste. All fabrics are welcome, regardless of brand or condition!

We embrace with great excitement the new campaign of h&M because it embodies the intention of the company to take responsibility and lead the change towards a completely different fashion scene. As reported by the Isak Roth, Global Sustainability Manager at H&M, “This Conscious collection is a wonderful step towards achieving one of our main goals – to use only 100% recycled or other materials that come from sustainable sources by 2030. Sustainability is one of our core values and while it still needs much work to be done throughout the value chain, it is always exciting seeing campaigns that are available in all stores to view really the conscious way of thinking.”

The collection H&M Conscious for the Spring of 2019 will be available from 11 April in all stores worldwide and H&M . The collection h&M Conscious Exclusive will be sold in Greece exclusively in-store at h&M Ermou 54, in Cyprus, in the store of Nicosia (Ledra 171-179) and online.

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