How do we do a facelift without… like that?

Photo: Dimitris Σκουλός

End with the faces that show unnaturally thin. The trend over the last few years, the face lift is the distinctive result that shows that although we age, but, without departing from the features. Who would do that and what techniques are out there that have changed the data?

Smaller incisions, fewer scars

As stated by the plastic surgeon Peggy Σαρόγλου: “Can non-invasive treatments are high on the preference of the world, however the facelift remains the queen of the interventions. It is the only effective way to deal with the relaxation radically. According to the American society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ΑSAPS) the year, there has been an increase in the number of facelifts by 21.9%. This means that the facelift remains the gold standard for rejuvenation of the face. New techniques have minimized the signs of the incisions that are around the ear and inside the hair (in front of the ear, the incision is “hidden” in a natural wrinkle is while the greater part of the incision is within the hair). The older techniques τέντωναν too the skin giving a distorted and cropped look while the leather loosened up again quickly”.

The expert adds: “With the new techniques we fix the relaxation in deeper layers and minimum epidermal. What we do is to prepare and post the SMAS (superficial musculo-a neuralizer system that surrounds the μιμικούς muscles) in the position that they were a few years ago with the correct time (back and up) and finally to remove minimal skin, in order to be stitched without voltage and has a quick healing. Because the skin with the passage of time relaxes again, is the suspension of the SMAS, which ensures the long-term outcome of the surgery (at least 15 years) and the final aesthetic result, that is natural.”

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