How phototherapy reduces the signs of aging

Photographer: Thiemo Sander

Can the report in the light of a lamp be beneficial for our skin and to make it more faint wrinkles and the signs? Experts are nodding in the affirmative when it comes to the low range of red and infrared light with a wavelength of 610nm to 850 nm, as it causes a biochemical repair in human cells.

What does phototherapy

In particular, the phototherapy has beneficial effects in the treatment of scars and repair tissue, in hyper-pigmentation from sun exposure, the production of collagen for wrinkle reduction, acne scars. Also, it has been shown the positive effect of the reduction of the appearance of the herpes simplex virus and the rebirth of hair in men with androgenetic alopecia.

As noted by the plastic surgeon, facial ENT Dr. Georgia Katsouli, the use of phototherapy, namely low-light spectrum (Low-Level-Light Therapy – LLLT), started in the early 1990’s when it was used by scientists at NASA for the photosynthesis of plants and for the growth of plant cells in space, with excellent results. Then followed by many, many studies for the application of this beneficial energy in human cells, with the aim of improving and regeneration.

The mechanism of phototherapy

The increase of energy in the cells leads to faster production of collagen, vascular structures, DNA, RNA, and other necessary materials for the healing process. Therefore, in this way, without causing damage to the surface layer of the skin, phototherapy with infrared light spectrum, succeeds in aiming at greater depths of the skin (3 mm) to result in immediate rebirth.

The first signs of skin aging appear after the decade of 20, with wrinkles, spider veins, and decreased elasticity. The main causes of this situation is the reduction in the quantity of collagen and the degeneration of elastin fibers. The environmental conditions and the exposure to solar radiation is the main cause of the changes of the skin. Studies have shown that phototherapy anti-aging is a highly effective and mostly safe medical method.

The treatment is simple and painless, clarifies Dr. Georgia Katsouli. Applied with a special device to clean skin. During the duration of the performed circular and linear movements, depending on the area of treatment, which are repeated for a few minutes per area of application. The device is heated to 42◦C, in order to enhance the microcirculation of the skin. The feeling is only a mild heat from contact with the device, without pain, redness or other negative consequences. The beneficial effects are distinguished from the first session, while often proposed at the end of the session the use of multivitamin serum or hyaluronic acid, for a and absorption with the use of infrared light is more effective.

The red light it also reduces the levels of melanin in the skin helping to combat the melasma and discoloration on the skin, as well as the appearance of the colour spots of the age, while it promotes the production of cells, collagen and elastin fibers with the result of the rejuvenation, firming and strengthening the skin.

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