How to erase blotchiness?

During the summer months the exposure to the sun would “flare up” the coffee stains and coffee stains that had faded in the winter to a group of people who are accumulation of melanin locally (freckles or melasma). Dr. Papadopoulou points out: “In the world congress of anti-aging that has taken place recently in Monaco, presented the new preparations against melasma. According to a study (Atefi & al.), the substance tranexamic acid (5%) it seems that it is more well tolerated than hydroquinone (2%), which is prescribed. In addition, it has fewer side effects, so a 33.3% of the patients declared themselves happy by this, compared with a 6,7% of the hydroquinone. The ingredient contained mainly in topical preparations. However, none of the two substances is not appropriate for the summer. What you recommend for melasma is a good sun protection, avoid exposure to the sun and address it in the winter”.

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