How you will take care properly of your skin before a dynamic workout?

“When is the right time to do a morning or night beauty routine if my schedule includes working out?”. This is one of the most common questions heard by the dermatologists and the answer is not so simple because there is no one secret recipe that fits the needs of all. To build the ritual that will make the difference in your skin the main thing is to adjust your routine to the type of exercise you prefer as there are several factors to consider: work out outside or doing hot yoga? do exercise in the morning or be the last in your daily program? do you prefer running or workouts with weights? Here you will solved all your questions.

If you prefer running:

Start your day with jogging; Consider the season and climate. If the temperatures are low the pan is to shield your epidermis in order to protect it from the dryness that often occurs when temperatures are low.

Must-have: a Few drops of your favorite oil for face will save you. When you return home, wash your face and followed the classic your morning routine to conclude always with sunscreen before you get in the makeup.

If it is summer it is necessary to do it (as early as and if you’re running) is to protect your skin from the harmful radiation by using a moisturizing sunscreen with an spf of 50. When you return home, follow the same program, and you apply extra sunscreen before makeup.

Do you prefer jogging after work? The Alpha and the Omega, and here is the cleaning! Completely removed your makeup, even mascara, and gave your skin a little extra hydration with a composition in gel form. If the sun is up, don’t forget the αντιηλικαό you. When you get home, wash your face and started your night routine.

If you prefer strengthening with weights, group classes or ΗΙΙΤ workouts indoor

It’s the first thing you do in the morning? If you have dry skin, a light moisturizer will save you. Continue with your established your routine after you wash your face to remove sweat and dirt.

Working out in a lunch break of yours? I will be really happy with that, but you’ll need to do a full cleansing, you can use a small amount of moisturiser and can you repeat your morning routine if you’re going to dye it again or is there a chance to be exposed to natural light.

Do exercise after work? Remove your makeup and use a light moisturizer. At home wash your face and do the standard dinner routine.

If you prefer swimming

As you can imagine swimming with skin covered with makeup is not a good idea. What do you do then?
If you swim in the morning, use a good moisturizing leaving uncovered the your forehead not to run the product in your eyes. Go and take your bath, wash your face and start your routine.
If you swim after work? The cleansing is not necessary and you can continue with either a moisturizer or a few drops of facial oil. In the evening you have to do is follow your routine as every night.

If you love yoga

Let’s be honest: hot yoga is not what’s best for our skin. You may think that sweating so away from the surface of the face and the pores of your every kind of toxin, but in reality, the temperature is quite high and may over time lead to spider veins. However, many of us love yoga and nothing can convince us to avoid it. What do we do? To protect the area around the nose and cheeks, choose a moisturizing mist that can be used at the first opportunity. Then after our bath our goal is to restore as much as possible more hydration to the skin and you will achieve that using a good hydrating serum and moisturizer. If the yoga is part of everyday life you have to take care of hydration of your face even more, and to watch for any signs of dehydration.

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