Jean Paul Gaultier bids farewell to the world of fashion

Jean Paul Gaultier celebrates 50 years in the field of fashion and bids us, as announced a little while ago on his Twitter account. The show Spring/Summer 2020 it will be the last of his career, until we reveal the next step, of course. “I invite you to celebrate my 50 years in the field of fashion in the Theatre Chatelet on 22 January. Will you join me? It will be a great celebration with many of my friends and we’ll have fun until very late. Now I will share something with you. This will be my last display of haute couture. However! Stay tuned. The house of Gaultier in Paris will continue. The high fashion will continue. I have a new concept. I’ll tell you later. All the little secrets. There is more to come. Kisses!”. We look forward to…

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