Kat Von D: Leaves of the eponymous beauty brand

By posting to Instagram Kat Von D has announced that it withdraws from the beauty brand’s 12 year after its founding. The brand will be renamed directly in KVD Vegan Beauty.

This decision took the 37άχρονη tattoo artist and a businessman, which the audience experienced through the series of LA Ink, in order to be devoted to the motherhood of the one year her son, but also in a creative project such as music and the new vegan label shoes, Von D Shoes.

The goth queen sold the shares of the colossus of beauty, Kendo, to which they belong and other great brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty, Fenty Beauty, and Ole Henrikssen. H Kendo will no longer be the only owner of the label, which counts more than 250 products and millions of fanatics beauty addicts.

With the same suspension Von D reassured her fans by telling them that the transition for them will be smooth while at the same time he thanked them warmly for their support all these years.

Others rushed to declare that even now will not buy the products since the popular businessman has been targeted in recent years for various controversial actions. Initially criticized for the choices of her companions is said to have had anti-semitic ideologies while at the same furor they had caused, and comments that he had made in the past by saying that he is against child vaccination. The same has to defend herself many times on these issues by saying yes on vaccinations that after extensive investigations decided to vaccinate her son, Leafar.

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