Louis Vuitton has captured summer in a bottle

Blooming lemon trees, a romantic night under the stars, dreams with the scent of coconut and the feeling it leaves in our body a refreshing dip. Many images can be bear in mind in the summer, the holidays that were memorable, the moments that we kept in our hearts all winter, making us look forward even more for the next to come. These memories closed the Louis Vuitton in the new scents that exude coolness and carefree mood that we so need. Juicy Sun-Song with orange blossoms, fragrant Cactus Garden with lemongrass, or the nostalgic Afternoon Swim with bergamot it? Find the type that will define the summer of this year.

Aroma Sun Song, Louis Vuitton.

Aroma Afternoon Swim, Louis Vuitton.

Aroma of Cactus Garden, that of Louis Vuitton.

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