Margarita Sapovalova: fashion Advice (and not only…) from the most stylish mom!

They say that women of today often neglect their image, because of the busy everyday life and of countless obligations. But the Margarita is not one of them… it’s a successful fashionista, has three children and every day starts and ends in the streets of the city. The appearance, however, it always takes 10 minutes. May was born in Ukraine, but the more years of her life has passed in Greece, where it has built a successful career in the home fashion scene. The Margarita Sapovalova or “ritamargari” like they know the countless followers on Instagram, loves and deals with fashion ever since she could remember. In the last few years has managed to convert a personal account to a ινσταγκραμικό masterpiece, which stands out thanks to its minimalist aesthetic. With inimitable style, energy and the taste has deservedly earned a place in our hearts. Do you want to know the secret of success? Take a look below! Trust us… you’ll draw plenty of inspiration.

With what voltage you got “stuck” this time of year?
No! Generally I don’t fit in or follow blindly the trends. For me, the fashion and the trends of each season shall determine the directions in which we can move to draw the inspiration. What we choose to wear, however, should fit perfectly in us and in our style.

What is the most recent addition in your closet?
A vintage men’s blazer, super oversized line.

How would you describe your style with 3 words
I don’t have a particular style. I like to experiment with lots of different, depending on the mood I’m at that point in time. I’d say I’m a mix & match soul.

What would you advise a girl who wants to deal with the fashion?
Don’t try to copy anyone and is just herself.

What is it that you want to change your style?
Absolutely nothing!

He described the everyday life of a fashion blogger.
I’m a mother of three children, and this probably makes my everyday life very different from that of other bloggers. Every day I have to answer a lot of emails while 2-3 times a week I have a photo shoot and a date with designers and various companies. All this, of course, in the morning hours that my children are in school.

What does it mean for you elegance?
For me, elegance is not only clothes. It is the way someone speaks, moves, behaves…

With what famous style icon would you like to go shopping?
With Christine Centenera.

What beauty product do you always have in your bag?
A palette of Chanel, which gives me the opportunity to refresh my image, and due to many obligations I am many hours away from home.

What fashion item is on the number 1 position of the wishlist this season?
An all time classic Chanel bag.

From where do you draw inspiration for your daily looks to you?
From fashion magazines and Pinterest.

What makes one look extremely stylish?
For me a “harmonious” appearance depends on the choice of clothes depending on the occasion, the age, time and the environment.

If you went to a trip and had to take only one piece of her wardrobe, what would it be?
A black lingerie dress.

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