Mission divine feet: we have the way

In the summer all eyes are on our legs, so we want to show just divine. The treatment is a real ritual that we enjoy and brings us self-confidence. By following the right steps our feet will certainly become the trump card of the show, which is why we have the tips and products for silky skin and appearances that will breath away.

The perfect hair removal

To show the feet of our divine, it needs to be and plush. For permanent hair removal, we choose wax strips that remove even the most short hair, ensuring perfect results for up to 28 days. Wax strips, Veet.

The exfoliation

The first and necessary step for velvet skin. With a deep cleansing scrub, rub gently with circular movements of your body, in this way, dead cells are removed from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and silky. We suggest you choose a scrub with oils and vitamins that protect and soften the area.

Scrub almond-coconut milk, Laura Mercier.

The hydration

We continue the ritual of trim with a rich and deeply moisturizing body cream without greasy texture. Apply gently, allow it to be absorbed and you will immediately feel the soft touch of your feet.

Body cream, Creme de Corps, of kiehl’s.

The flash

In the summer especially, we love this subtle glow in our body, which is why we choose a dry oil with iridescent texture for a natural result that will magnetize all eyes. So don’t stop wearing the mini skirts.

Shimmering body oil Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, the Messinian Spa.

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